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The moment is always the same: When I introduce myself in a lecture, one line of my career summary causes confusion: Studies in Communication. However, it quickly turns out to be a great strength: I dare to claim to be one of the few technicians who can really bring technical topics to the point well, appealingly, and entertainingly.

Technical finesse alone only gets you so far until management has to approve โ€“ or it's about training end-users.

My philosophy is therefore: Bringing technology out of the ivory tower. Only in this way can we meet the challenges of the coming years.

The situation in IT security is... not good, rather like fighting windmills. That doesn't stop me from doing my part. To make companies safer, to give hackers fewer chances, and to make the Internet what it was actually meant to be:

Cat videos.


My first "Virus"

Just recently, I found my first programming attempts on an ancient hard drive. The file named virus.vbs immediately catches the eye. In it? A program that the 15-year-old Martin then called a "virus".

At that time, I first learned how my program can open other programs. And the first idea I have is: What happens if I open hundreds of Windows Explorers on my 500MHz computer?

The computer crashes, that's what happens. SDOS โ€“ Self-inflicted Denial of Service, so to speak.

I'm glad I didn't embark on the path of hacking at 15. Today, the activity is an entire industry, you can help people and make money. With solid values, and convinced to stay on the good side.

At the beginning of my entrepreneurial activity, a website that was in development with us was played on our test server.

4 days later, it was hacked, and we were blocked by the host.

A password found its way onto the Internet that should not be on the Internet. That was a considerable learning for me โ€“ I have adapted the processes so that our local development sites are already created with secure passwords.

But much more interesting for me was: How the hackers tried to make money from the site. For hours, without eating or drinking, I tried to trace the hack via log files. A switch flipped, and I had to know what happened. This detective work was so exciting that I shortly afterwards decided: IT security will be my life's work.

Getting Hacked


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Becoming the Peter Filzmaier of IT Security ๐Ÿ“บ


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Do you enjoy suffering?


Why are you doing this to yourself?

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Received 10,000 in bounties

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Received 100,000 in bounties

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The Assassin

Almost deleted a productive database

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A euro is a euro

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When automation takes longer than the task itself

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Something with alpacas

How I Help

My goal is to create real understanding (and to spread a little fear ๐Ÿค“). Only those who truly understand the threats to their own company can make good decisions.

At the same time, of course, I am also aware that IT security should contribute to the company's purpose rather than paralyze it.

In all my actions, I therefore pursue a pragmatic approach aimed at transparency, understanding, and communication at eye level.

"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training."

- Archilochus

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